Denise & Cassian come to Scotland...

Back when I was a young whipper-snapper, I encountered and had the privilege of house sharing with this clever clever Portuguese beauty, Denise! I was so lucky to have Denise as a flatmate whilst I was studying! She was always so kind and thoughtful BUT my only qualm was the only Portuguese she taught me was minimal - My favourite is 'Quackas = Pants' - BUT the reason we are here is even though time has passed, and Denise lives back at home in a beautiful Isle of Azores, I was amazingly asked to photograph her wedding there with the very funny and handsome Cassian! 

Yes, this does mean I get to jet set next year and visit this beautiful piece of land to work! I was again really excited to see Denise for the first time in approx. 6 years and this pair of adventure chasers did not disappoint! We spent a day of marvellous weather in one of my favourite parts of Scotland, uniquely we essentially spent the day snapping. This was great with no time pressure I was able to just photograph this Ballerina & Rockstar in such a wonderful way... By the end we were in and out of fields, the car even got stuck in mud! I like to keep things interesting! Thank you to the DPD driver whom assisted in free-ing us! It was hilarious! 

We even stopped over in Dunked's Taybank. I always visit here when passing. As a summery, we climbed some waterfalls, roamed in some fields & and had some relaxing coffee, what more can you ask for? I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved taking them!