An unconventional day...

So I met Lee many years ago, long before I was a full time wedding snapper... I worked in a pub where three gentlemen would pop in for a tipple. These three may have been cheeky chappies but they were so lovely. So when Lee and Niamh asked me to photograph their 'wedding' I was really happy and was under no impression that it would anything but bonkers, mad, beautiful and fun! 

I knew they were getting married in Ireland, so what I was photographing was actually a blessing, therefor they had all the wedding images you would usually receive, so I took this opportunity to photograph more of the atmosphere, I was excited for this challenge and considering their wedding images from Ireland were beautiful. I had a lot to live up to!

They day started, with family and bacon rolls! May I add Lee asked me ''would you like a cup of tea, I make the best cups of tea'' I obliged thinking, ''But do you really?'' I can say I started snapping this day with one of the best cups of tea in my tummy! 

I adored that Lee got ready with his wife of slightly over a month, there was no hiding. Niamh and the bridesmaids even helped Lee get into his suit! I loved this. We photographed in the garden as everyone laughed and had a few drinks. I was excited as I knew there was a big surprise for the day, little did I know how wonderful and extravagant it would be! 

A full piping band and hundreds of guests were eagerly awaiting them, live music was played in the amazing weather (may I add it was extra special as my fiancee Gavin was the musical entertainment along with Dave Webster) They went down amazingly with the enthusiastic Irish! Never-mind the amazing full carnival stalls and rides that adorned the beautiful countryside home.

From the get go, there was dancing, there was no conventional order to the day, which took me by surprise and usually I am queen of organisation, so it was strange and lovely to take time without having to rush for the usual deadlines of the day. Shortly after they had a beautiful blessing - simple, authentic and heartfelt. 

Next a poor waiter fell over, I run over to photograph him ;) not thinking what guests may think of me photographing this poor man as he fell smashing to the ground about 100 knives and forks - BUT maybe I was in on a secret! Amazingly wild performance from the waiters. As everyone shrieked to help the waiter he gets up on the table and starts singing and dancing the whole place errupts, which naturally led to Lee and fellow men of his choosing to end up in there boxers on the dance floor, i'll let you fill in the blanks haha!

Dancing, singing, bands, food, carnival rides including my favourite the 'Miami' was there! It was a party to remember! Thank you both for having myself and Kirsty there, although we worked hard, they day was nothing but a joy and pleasure to be a part of! Have a wonderful life, and hope to see you both soon! I hope enjoy this selection of your images! 

Love Siob x