Kara & Michael

Welcome to a day that combines my top THREE favourite places! Germany, Australia & Scotland! 

The day started with stormy rain bouncing off the ground. Myself and Brian the second shooter and assistant for the day popped in the car and set off for the lengthy drive to the venue (Broxmouth Park) Click Here . The whole way there I was hoping for the sky to clear up for them - but no such luck!  

Simon the owner quickly introduced himself and was such a great help (and laugh) ALL day! We were treated so well by the venue which always makes a day even better! as soon as I popped into the room where they were getting ready I was greeted with Kara's beautiful smile! It was such a relaxed feeling in the morning, hair and make-up was just perfect, thanks to Karen & Nicola at CityBrides, everyone was flawless! Also Broxmouth Park has so many spacious rooms for us to photograph the details in, it was a photographers dream! 

The ceremony really tugged at my heartstrings! as soon as Kara came in the room tears were flowing and Michael looked like he'd just won the lottery 10 times over! I loved how emotional Kara was, it made for such emotive images! - The celebrant was Marion McGunnigle,  she made the handfasting cords , and the wicker box with the flowers on it, which Kara & michael loved, she great and it shows how thorough and dedicated she was. ''We looked for a long time for someone we could gel with and we felt was on the same page as us''  http://marionmcgunnigle.co.uk

Shortly after the ceremony a miracle happened! HELLO SUNSHINE! I was so grateful to the sun gods, as Broxmouth Park's ground really deserve to be explored! Which is exactly what we did. When Kara & Michael told me about the fresh garlic meadows, I really had no idea what to expect. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, we walked through the meadows grabbing subtle photos of the brand new - newly weds! I barely had to say a word they just looked at each other with so much love, it made for some of my favourite new wedding shots! -
All the bouquets, posies, flowers and vases were created by Kathrin at White House Flowers. kathrin was a recommendation by Simon at Broxmouth. The fate was sealed with kATHRIN WHEN kARA REALISED SHE WAS HALF GARMAN AND LOVED HORSES - aswell as her beautiful flower making skills of-course White house flowers


There was no first dance, instead a full dance floor of ballroom/ceilidh dancing... it was so much fun to photograph. At one point I was in the centre of the circle and unknown to me as I was snapping, the next move was for all the dancers to hold hands and to meet in the middle - It was like having a hug from an entire wedding party! Hahaha That will go in my funny wedding moments! The band was called The Unconventionals: Kara said ''I will never forget how I laughed when the caller told us to 'gie it laldy' haha'' , they clearly read the room very well! Find them here The unconventionals 

Finally, To end the evening we ventured out for some final couple shots as it was getting darker. Myself and Brian absolutely loved every minute of it, and we are so glad you both clearly had an amazing day! thank you both for having us be a part of it and I really hope you and your guests enjoy this recap of your day at your images! 

Love Siobhan x

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