rustic wedding

Alex & Liam's Story...

What a beauty of a day! This was a photographers dream! Beautiful weather, beautiful wedding & beautiful people! The day began with bridal and groom prep. Kirsty ventured off to see the boys and I had the pleasure of photographing these beauties below! As soon as I saw the stunning flowers my jaw just about hit the floor, I am just so in love with them! The pretty pastel colours, the arrangement, just everything about them screams "Wow!"- Well done 'Stucio & Waow'

The girls were just amazing, so lovely and elegant like they had stepped right out of a pinterest board, haha! Boys you did very well too! I think I would struggle to find a picture of Liam without a big grin on his face, but I guess you would be smiling too if this was your wedding day.


Just look at Alex's hair! Oh, I could write a book on how much I loved it, and what I was even more happy to see was a familiar face working her magic, making everyones locks look so lovely! Kim Kelly you outdid yourself!
The make-up by Nichola Bell at Beautibelle was as much a great match. The girls looked just beautiful! Gillian, the humanist celebrant was so accommodating: letting me sneak, duck and dive in and out to get great shots! I love the gardens at the Double Tree, there are so many spaces and little nooks to sneak off to for beautiful picturesque images. 

I'd like to add that the speeches were just so funny and heartwarming, with more than a few tear-jerking moments. I'd like to give a huge shout out to Anneka (Maid of honour) It's nice to see a wedding that bucks the norm a bit and having the Maid of Honour doing a speech was great! (Girl power!) It was emotional and funny, Anneka you nailed it! As always some cheeky words from the boys too. 

Overall from morning to night, it was such a wonderful day! I especially LOVE photographing in the conservatory on an overcast/sunny day as it just gives the most perfect natural light! I must say it was truly a challenge to select only a few images for this blog as there was so many great ones to choose from (If I do say so myself, haha!) I would imagine it was mostly down to how darn good-lookin' the wedding was ;)
It was a honour and a pleasure to be a part of this spectacular day! and I wish all the love and happiness in the world to Mr & Mrs Tinney!

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Beth & Jim's Story...

Where do you start? To blog about a day like this day is such a difficult thing to do...
Everything from the amazing orange dresses to glorious Marquee in the garden.

I do believe the little kimonos have been handmade, I also believe there might have been a pin left in one (oops!) They just look utterly adorable, and I feel like this wedding may have had a good looking' policy because everyone is soo beautiful! At this point America's Next Top Modelling tips were coming in handy, the girls were modelling 'H2T' haha!

This wedding was also even more special as it was in my hometown, and there was familiar faces popping up everywhere, which just made me smile all day!

These beautiful faces have been painted by local make-up artist Annie Voigt Here is a link to Annie's Facebook page

The hair is fitting to each with there own individual hair style I loved that ALOT!
Find Gillian here

Beth being full of beans and full of emotions her preparations was truly tear jerking. There was so much to photograph and I tried very hard not to buckle crying whilst photographing Beth's dad's first look at her in the dress, Ian (Beth's Dad) the cheeky chappy that he is, was overwhelmed it was adorable to photograph. The image isn't in the blog as it's too special but it had to be mentioned as it was ONE of my favourite parts!

The ceremony, the room, the paintings, the atmosphere, the laughing, the love, the sunshine coming through the windows. What more could be said, it was breath-takingly beautiful!

The hard part is done, now it's time to let your hair loose or so to speak I don't think Gillian from 'Hope Hair & Beauty' would want you to let your kirbies out just yet! Yeah, obvious no ordinary minibus would do for these two, regular busses are just not orange enough!

Yup just look at the cake... Admire it. Made from obviously the best cheese! Patti (Beth's Mum) & owner of Smithies Deli was obviously the dab hand in this beauty!

Found this little polaroid in the corner as everyone was very merry at this point what could be more fun than 'Photoboothin'? Nothing obviously!

A few guest chose to re-tell there fishing stories on the dance floor these total groovers caught fish that were "THIIIIIIISSSS BIIIIGGGG"

After being there from morning till night, it was time to go home, not before nabbing some more drunk/happy 'lads' shots and slow shutters of the beautiful house. We were spoiled with a hot chocolate from my former 1st & 2nd years science teacher Mr. Rodger (Don't know his first name) hahaha

Hire him for EVERYTHING you ever do form now on, was super cool check it out

I have to say a very big thank you to everyone as it was an enjoyable day, with great food, drink music & everything else. Well done and congratulations

Mr & Mrs Walker

Siobhan & Emilie