Back at Bachilton Barn...

Yayyy! I got to go back to Bachilton Barn, after such a wonderful experience with Sinead and David's wedding just a few weeks prior to Linzi & Richard's, I was especially excited! Everything from the staff being to warm and friendly to awesome outside catering and you know this was no different. Bachilton has shot up to the top of my recommended list!

The day started of with expectations of heavy showers - BUT what can I say I bring the sunshine ;)

Chrissie was assisting the day with me whom had done the wedding previous so maybe we were both feeling pretty confident in the morning. We arrived at Barrossa Apartments, where it was just a spectacular space for bridal prep, so spacious and tidy filled with beautiful people including little people too! Madison was a tiny flower girl (Linzi & Richards daughter) She was a star, she did some hilarious posing along with the cutest Chloe!

As you can see below Claire did a spectacular job at utterly perfect make-up! Claire's Facebook

Every detail was clearly meticulously thought out, from t-shirts in prep to the array of shades of bridesmaids dresses. I was excited to set of and see the how the venue was kitted out.

It's amazing how both weddings were amazingly detailed at Bachilton, both immensely beautiful, thought out but so completely different. I love that about this place. Couple get to make it their own in a perfect space, with dream lighting! 

Linzi & Richard were just ideal clients so funny, chilled and just beautiful! I swear you could convince me that Linzi had been a super model in a past life! Nothing phased her! I loved how keen she was to go in the field even though she had super massive heels on, my kind of client ;) Although Richard did carry her back like a true gent again made for hilarious photos!

I'll let you look at some photos of their day... and will pop some more reading in the middle...

Okay, it's time to say I do, I actually felt nervous for them, everything was just so perfect. Would you like to know something cute? It was Linzi's grandad whom was marrying them! I know could this be anymore adorable?

The venue was adorned in personal touches, polaroids of their life together were use to decorate the space, I found myself reading and laughing at them throughout the day - It was a real insightinto the both of their lives!

As the day moved on, again Gourley catering treated myself and Chrissie like Queen's of Sheeba!

A day filled with happiness and fun! I feel this is quite apparent, also a big thank you to all the supporting roles like the groomsmen and bridesmaids also family for helping round people up for pictures, you all look great and myself and Chrissie had a blast snapping it all for you! 

Lots of love,

S x

Please note: Please support us in not screenshotting resized pictures, this doesn't reflect our images in the best light! if you were a guest please contact the couple to view high resolution images! Yay!

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