A day to remember...With Mr & Mrs Ormond!


This may prove to be a task... how to sum up such a beautiful and eventful day?! This was a test of our skills - dotting around various part of Dundee in the gail force winds. On this day, two wonderful young people tied the knot. Fortunately for me, this particular couple in question, are also my friends.

Believe me when I tell you, Lauren (My assistant/editor) had a tough time, as Kirsty and I took so many photos.  The details were just everywhere, beautifully displayed in every nuek and cranny of their wedding. We started off in Jenni's family home. This was a bit of a unique day as it was my birthday, and I was greeted with happy birthday and beautiful gifts from various members of the family.  It was just overwhelming! Okay, take the limelight off me!!! Great start of the day... Jenni with her hair in curlers, is truly one of the most beautiful sights you'll (n)ever see! Beautiful. The whole Downie family have a special place in my very own heart. 

Kirsty & I ventured upstairs to photograph the details, including the dress and the shoes. Jenni, being Jenni, I expected what I saw... A stunning lace detailed gown, which presumably was hand-crafted by fairies for Jenni ONLY! And... flip flops obviously, for such a down to earth person!  

The day took a slight change, with gailforce winds for the ceremony down at Magdalen green (a very special place to Jenni & Stuart). Somewhere else would never have sufficed. I must say, Jenni had an incredibly long veil on, and the fear that she may lift-off and float away, felt like a possibility! haha! The ceremony was pushed back slightly to help re-arrange some of the plans. The drinks reception was moved to the Downie family's home garden (as opposed to a blustery windswept marquee on the Green).

Never mind that they are a beautiful inside, they are also INCREDIBLY photogenic outside too! We visited Strawberry Bank (a VERY small quant cobble-stoned lane) for some of the couple shots. Even though i thought the road was too small to fit a car down while we were shooting - down one came

'GAME ON' we continue, they looked at each other with so much love it made for the easiest of photography work. We were on a tight schedule, as we had a bus waiting for them. 'To the Taypark House please driver!'

Taypark House is somewhere I have been hoping to be for quite some time, so I was so excited to be going there. As we were running slightly behind it meant for us photographers, we would have to squeeze the formals in a bit less time than we'd expected to have... but between us pro's and this supermodeling family, we smashed it! Creating some of my FAVOURITE formals to date! 

The details, gardens & lighting was just a photographers dream (as Jenni knows well). It was a small bunch of close/immediate family for dinner. Creating a beautiful atmosphere filled with love! Even the details in this room were thought out so meticulously, they matched the rustic theme of the day! Uniquely, there were no formal speeches yet, just a short and sweet toast by Jenni's Dad (Stuarts now father-in-law). The speeches were to be held much later in the evening, and of course this meant nothing conventional for the Ormonds! Which we LOVE!

Goodbye Taypark, hello Chambers east! Who would of thought somewhere in the city centre could become such a light filled & atmospheric place! With all the massive blinds open, allowing in floods of light allowing Kirsty and I to create naturally lit images (My preference when possible). There were 5 o'clock guests, and 7.30 guests to arrive... this let us get caught up on all the amazing details around the 4th and last venue of the day! The speeches were amazing - heartfelt, funny and adorable. One of the speeches was given by one of the 'mini best men'! There was a £50 prize for the best speech - guess who won between 'mini best man & full sized best man? They were both lovely though! 

During Stuart's speech, I was snapping away, popping photos at all angles... when I was shocked to hear my name! I was kindly thanked from the newlyweds and gifted frankly the tastiest birthday present! (see image of giant birthday cookie below!) Obviously a hug and a tear happened as I was so grateful to be there, never mind receiving a giant birthday cookie with kind and beautiful words! 

Although these small words could never truly portray what an amazingly unique, wonderful, special and heart-warming day this was... I hope this can give a small insight into the thoughts and best wishes from my perspective, as Jenni & Stuart Ormond's wedding photographer, and friend.

A special thanks to;
Kirsty Brown - second shooter
Lauren Carr - studio manager
The whole Downie family (especially Auntie Lynne & Sarah)
Stuart & Jenni - for being you!
The evening reception guests that sang me happy birthday once I had finished! <3

Thank you for ALL the birthday love I received at this wedding too, strangely photographing this wedding was a great birthday present!

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!