Sun, rain, laughter & wedding rings... Beth & Jim!

Yeah I know what you are thinking! No they aren't models :P Although you'd think they were pros! hahaha...

Beth & Jim got in tough over a year ago to book me to be their wedding photographers, and knowing Beth from my hometown of Arbroath i jumped at the chance! Even though it had been years and years since I had seen Beth it was like just yesterday! After moving to London with Jim - the lucky groom to be and setting up life so very far away from Dundee planning has been long distance bUT not to fear the fabulous Mother of the bride should be hired by anyone planning a wedding! So organised, it's amazing! 

This beautiful couple are the definition of in love, you only need to be around them for 5 minutes to see that! I said to Jim on our shoot ''Your voice is like someone I know'' I racked my brains meanwhile Jim knew exactly whom I was about to compare him to repeating it in my head, I stood for a minute with that puzzled look on my face going through in my head the names of people it could possibly be, only to realise ''It's not someone I know personally, IT'S KEVIN BRIDGES!!!'' Feeling relieved I had figured it out, I looked at Jim with that face that says your not the first person to have said that, ''I get it all the time! You sound like Kevin Bridges!''

The rain started to fall heavier not to fear! I have an idea, I was really excited to get shots of the rain lit up behind them, Although the rain wasn't heavy enough for this to be as dramatic as hope it was a safe amount of rainfall to get good shots and NOT to make my equipment float away. 

I won't give much away but the plans for this wedding are so exciting, and rain or shine every minute is clearly going to be amazing! I literally am too excited about photographing this wedding day, you would think  was a child waiting for Christmas...

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