Heather and Ryan's Story...

This was a day like no other, a day specialising in friends, family, music, fun, food & dancing! I knew from meeting Ryan & Heather back when they booked in 2013 that this was going to be a day that I truly enjoyed... This is how it went...

My assistant Emily set off to visit the boys and I set off to see the ladies!

Although this family are a beautiful bunch (which I told them, repeatidly!) Sandra did an exceptional job with the make-up keeping Heather's natural beauty at the forefront! Making sure every eyelash was perfectly in place, I think Sandra Cormack really outdone herself here, and Heather a self proclaimed tomboy looked utterly beautiful! To see more of Sandra's work visit www.scmakeupartistry.co.uk! Then the hair, oh my god the hair! Jeff Thompson from Hair on Castle Street, Dundee did something so spectacular I don't even know how to compliment it, it was just soo beautiful. I always knew Jeff was talented after having my hair done by him before but like Sandra I think the work he done was just exceptional! Not that Heather is a difficult canvas though! Please visit this exceptional hair stylist! www.hairdressersdundee.com Also find them on Facebook!

I felt a bit emotional too watching Heather come down in such a spectacular dress, it couldn't have been more perfect! a detailed vintage number that just draped this beautiful lady in all the bling she needed! 

This day was clearly soo much about family and friends, and keeping it small in Heather's uncle's back garden suited the pair of them to a 'T'! Smiles, jokes & laughing was a consistent theme throughout the day, never mind the blazing sunshine! 

Without giving the game away for this little adorable wedding in Heather's uncles back garden here are a few images, that give you an little insight into the setting, surrounded by natural & fresh flowers, cool cars & plenty of booze! The ceremony was just as special as the two of them! With sunshine beaming down the guests sat in the beautiful garden as the two best pals said 'I do'! while washing it down with a symbolic cheeky quaker! A hilarious and special poem was written and read by a dear friend of Ryan and Heathers, I had to try and focus because I was laughing at the great words that were written about them!

The food! Wow! The catering company served up some amazing food Emily and I got the chance to sit down for a wee break & look over our images and fill our bellies! Laughing at a few funny ones from earlier in the day!

Can I please point out if anyone knows me they know how much I adore staffy dogs! When they told me Sky their staffy was going to be the ring bearer I nearly exploded with excitement! It was so special as Sky walked down the eye with the couple's ring attached to her lead and gave them such an important item she was amazing! A human being couldn't have done it any better!

After speeches and laughs it was time to party! And that they did, again this was even more special as the band playing was my partner's band, so not only did I get to do a really fun job, but I also got to do it by listening to my favourite music! If you aren't familiar you should be!
Visit www.facebook.com/Sinderinsband... as the sun went down the music carried on... there was not a glum face in the place, including myself!

Emily packed up after all her hard work and went home and not very often I do this but I finished up, got a wee juice and sat and listened to the rest of the music, with Mr & Mrs Scott!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog! 
A big thank you to Mr & Mrs Scott & all the family and friends for being so friendly! 
Emily for working so hard for me & all you guys for reading and sharing! 

Peace & Love
Siobhan Diamond,

86 Bell St, Dundee
01382 223424