The story of Charlotte & David Jardine...

The vintage-ness is in the air! I have pulled together some sneak peaks of the special day so if your impatient like I am, then here is the first peak!Obviously we have established I am the photographer with all the sunshine, so even though the weather man told us rain, I said no and stopped all the rain! ;) (well maybe it was more luck)

These beautiful ladies made up MOST of the world largest bridal party! 

I do believe there was seven in total! Everything from the robes to flowers to the beautiful jewellery was right up my street... The Make-up artist at the house did a great job of charlotte's make-up keeping it nice an natural for the photos (thank you!) 

Also my very good pal Jillian Elizibeth & Jill Sime done the make-up for a few of the beautiful bridesmaids... 

As we rushed off to meet the boys at the venue Charlotte and her clan of bridesmaids finished up all their finishing touches and next step was to erm... get married!

I'm not going to lie I about buckled at all the beautiful hand-made signs when I got in, but like every wedding no time to gawp at all the beautiful things I can see it through the lens!

What an atmospheric setting for these pair! I know so many people worked so hard to put this together, and it was definitely showing! With no natural light in the venue (all lit with fairy lights candles and anything else that lights up) we wanted to keep that bright airy feeling, so thank you my wonderful assistant Jennifer Downie, keeping me on track and helping me tame this tricky lighting! Whom was also the eyes on the back of my head snapping things too!  I have been so lucky to land these pair of amazing clients, and a teeny bit of me is sad there day is over because I knew it was going to be as lovely as it was, but struck up a great bond with these guys, from our 'pre-wedding shoot' (see previous blogpost ) right through to typing up my nonsense on this blog! 

The drunks 'dance affs' were about to take place with some dangerous ceilidh moves were about to eb busted... and as the barn filled with happy people past the point of wanting evidence of how drunk they were, we started to pack our bags and get ready to leave.

Thank you so Mr&Mrs Jardine & co. it's been awfully special! Can't wait to show you all your images!

And the story continues...